Dress Code

Dress Code

A part of Christian training is learning to dress appropriately for specific occasions. When attending church, recitals, special programs, or other activities, a Christian should be properly dressed. Central Baptist School wants students who are concerned about their modesty and neatness, both at school and away from school, and expects its students to dress accordingly at all times.
Students must wear the CBS uniform at all times while at school, unless permission is given by the Principal. The dress code is also in effect on school property and at any after-school activity, including ball games played at home or away. The Administration reserves the right to be the final judge of what is appropriate for any school activity.


  1. Uniforms contribute to higher academics. Students have less concern for their dress and concentrate more on academics.
  2. Uniforms contribute to greater self-control in students. A sharp-looking, neatly dressed student will tend to act that way; a sloppy appearance tends to foster undisciplined character.
  3. Uniforms reduce clothing costs and make it easy for students to know what to wear each day. Quality uniforms can often be worn from one to three (or more) years.
  4. Uniforms build esprit de corps (sense of being a part of).
  5. Uniforms eliminate competition in dress. Peer pressure regarding clothing is minimized.
  6. Sharp uniforms command respect. They relay a message that our school is professional.
  7. Sharp uniforms can help to improve the student’s self image and give him/her a sense of personal worth.
  8. Uniforms standardize the dress code. This eliminates conflict over what students can and cannot wear.
  9. Modest uniforms help students learn to dress appropriately, preventing immodest apparel and slovenly appearance at school.
  10. Uniforms help establish a pattern of life whereby students may select other appropriate clothing throughout life.

We respectfully request that parents assist the school by insuring conformity to the following guidelines on behalf of their children and themselves when participating in or attending school activities. These standards have been established in the interest of modesty, Christian appearance, and behavior and are aimed at contributing to a respectful school atmosphere.


All uniforms must be purchased from Land’s End. Jackets and sweaters are not required to be purchased from Land’s End. However the only sweaters allowed to be worn in the classroom are those with logos. Land’s End has backpacks, socks and other accessories that are NOT required to be purchase but are optional.

We are giving those who enroll by May 25 $80 off the first month’s tuition to help cover the cost of uniforms.

The following dress code is to be worn each school day:

● Shirts: Burgundy
● Navy skirts
● Girls should wear neat and clean, tennis shoes, casual shoes or dress shoes (no backless shoes of any type will be permitted).
● The shoes should match the uniform that each student wears.
● No crocs, flip flops, sandals, high heels (Less than an inch), or open-toed shoes of any kind.
● No boots (except in winter), heelies, light-ups, jellies, or character shoes.
● Solid color bobbie socks, knee socks, or tights
● White, Black or Navy leggings, legwarmers or any color shorts can be worn under the skirts.
Girls’ hair must be neat and clean. Fad hairdos, cuts, or colors are not permitted. Extreme designs, partially shaved patches, or completely shaven heads are not acceptable (unless dues to medical reasons).
● Girls are to dress modestly.
● Girls may only have the top button of their shirt unbuttoned.
● Girls are expected to come to school in school uniform.
● Girls may wear only one earring in each ear and the earring must be on the ear lobe.
● Earrings are to be nickel-size or smaller.
● Girls may not wear make-up.
● Hair should not be dyed to an unnatural color.
● Nails and nail polish must be conservative. Girls below the 8th grade may not wear press on or acrylic nails.

Kindergarten through 12th grades
Shirts: Blue
Pants: Khaki pants
Socks, Belts, and Shoes:
● Belts and socks must be worn every day. Exception: Pants without belt loops (Kindergarten only).
● The socks, belts, and shoes should match the outfit that each student wears.
● Boys should wear neat and clean tennis shoes, black or brown casual shoes or dress shoes.
● No boots (except during wnter), heelies, light-ups, or character shoes of any kind are permitted.
● No crocs, flip flops, sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind are permitted.
Boys’ hair must be clean and neatly cut. The hair should not be shaggy or bushy, may not touch the eyebrows in the front, nor the collar of the shirt in the back, nor the ears. No tails will be allowed. No “punk” or “faddish” haircuts are permitted. Line cuts in the hair, shaved portions, “bowl cuts,” hair dyed with peroxide, or any other radical styles or fashions will not be allowed.
● Boys may only have the top button unbuttoned on their shirts.
● Boys are not allowed to wear earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

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